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Windy Norton via Google

picked up my vehicle a month of so ago back and was very happy with everything the shop did for me. put me in a loaner car, called the insurance company, pick up my car, helped me in every way. There are no words for that kind of service. I feel very bad that I did not write this review sooner. I did not have the 500.00 deductible to pay. They let me make payments monthly or until I could pay in full. That was the greatest thing ever any one was ever done for me. I made all the payments as agreed. my car is just well like it was before but very clean. They did a great job of repairing my vehicle and I can't say enough about how much help they gave me. Tom and dale went out of there way to help me in time of need and for that reason I will tell everyone about Auto Body Centers USA. you guys are a blessing thank you

Zack Zack via Google

Long story short! went to four shops for estimates, two that my insurance told me to and the other two seen on way to get estimates at the two. Stopped in to get estimate. I show them the rear bumper is damaged on the back of my bmw. the estimates I already have are around 2800.00 for repairs. tom walks around my car and ask me if the paint damage little thing on the bumper was part of the damage. I told him I don't remember so he takes my car and comes back about 20mins later and tell me all fixed, no need to write estimate or file a claim. I could not believe it sure enough he had fixed the bumper as if it had never happened. what the hell! the other shops would have done the same thing,and got paid 2800.00 to do what took 20 mins to fix. I won't go to anyone else ever again this is my repair shop from now on.

Amber Smith via Google

Skip was so caring and understanding of what I had just been through after my accident. He walked me through the process and was very timely on picking up my truck. I will definitely recommend to my friends!

Berry Rah via Google

Great service and my car looks like new I recommend this company highly. this is the 4th time I have used them and every time is better than the last. Tom we love you and your team keep up the great work and thank you for all your help

Adrian Sims via Google

Staff was incredibly friendly...informative...and very reasonable on getting my car back. I would Highly recommended using this shop!

Philip Howard 

Great service and repairs, even my insurance company said they did a great job. try them you will like them. Thank you all for a great repairs and service.

Mark Smith 

Just can't say enough about this company and the people that repaired my sons car. Great job and thank you for the great service. The car looks great. Thanks again for the loaner car, so my son could go to and from school. I hope we don't need you again! But if we do, we will be back and my family and I will refer you to everyone we know. Thanks again!

Dian Smith

Great customer service! 

John John via Google

Best customer service and auto body shop in area!

Windy Norton

Great and very helpful in time of need. payment plan for my deductible, car looked like new , so sorry that it took a month for me to write this review. you guys are the best. I will tell everyone at school, friends and family to come see you. you guys are a blessing I hope you got my card? oh man so sorry you guys are the best I will bring cookies for thanksgiving.

Brian B
Had my vehicle repaired two years ago here and they did a great job. Stop in day week or so ago to have the headlight looked at the one they replaced. Water inside of it. Tom told me no problem covered under warranty and they would replace it. Tom called me yesterday and told me the light was in. Here is service at its best. He came to my work picked up my car fixed and returned my car back to me at work. I really thought that no one was going to do anything about the light, But! they really do stand behind their repairs and that warranty is a warranty. I don't get that service from the dealer I got the car from. that just made my day.

William Martin  
Dropped off my vehicle for repairs per my Insurance ask me to. It took this company along time to fix my car, and we had some problems with updates and return phone calls. But WOW what a job they did on my car, not only can I not tell it had ten thousand dollars of repairs done, but it drives and like new. They even fixed my a/c that did not work before the wreck. I thought at one point there was going to be more problems and that I would have to get my Insurance company to pay to have my car moved to another shop. I know right, I spoke with Tom and Dale regarding the problems they had with office help and I gave them time to prove me wrong. Not only did they prove me wrong, but I just can't get over how great the car looks and drives. rest assured this shop knows what they are doing and they will make you happy in the end. I will never go anywhere else other than Auto Body Centers. so it took longer, then it should, but man the job is outstanding. Big thanks going out here. Great job guys, just a great job.

Jerry Dikov
WOW picked up my Honda Civic a few days ago and took it to a friend to look over. I don't know what to look for. My friend has been repairing cars for over 40 years and he stated that the repairs on my car may be better than the factory. He could not tell it had been in a wreck at all and that the paint may be better than the new. I didn't see any problems but I'm a girl and don't have any idea what to look for! That made me so happy that I had to call the shop and tell them I would be writing a review about they. I also would be cooking up lunch for the whole shop. I won't go any place to have repairs done again. Great people check them out you can't go wrong
Thanks guys keep up the great work (i hope I don't need you again) But if I do I will be back

Kim Lynn
Best service I have ever gotten anywhere. Very friendly very understanding and very helpful. They know what they are doing. Took great care of me and my vehicle

H Philton  via Google
Great to work with. My car looks and drives better than before the wreck. Great service and very to the point about everything. Highly recommend this business for your repairs.

Tommy Wade
I don't ever write reviews and did not have a gmail account until today. Just had to tell everyone about the service I received from this company and how they took care of my wife and I. Just crazy is all I can say never had this service before. I always go to the restroom first any where I go. Their restroom is so clean. to tell the truth that is what sold me, office clean, restroom very clean and the friendly service we received just out standing. Picked up the vehicle repaired just like said it would be again just out standing. Spoke with the owner don't remember his name came in at the end to check on the repairs again just out standing. I can't say enough about this shop and the out standing service and repairs I got from them. My car looks like new maybe better. thank a lot and I hope someone reads this

June Lewis

don't really ever write a review or comment on any company I do business with. There is no question that I had to on this Company. From the first phone call to the end of the repairs Tom and his staff made me feel so good about every thing. I did not know what to think or how the repairs would end up. But the repairs are great and the paint is better than new. This shop is the greatest and the staff is oh my From God Him self. They handled everything, rental car, billing, towing, and even delivered my car to me at work... WOW! is all I can say. Great people and great repairs. This is the shop to go to for all your repairs body paint and more. 

Zack Zack via Google
Great place great service very fair and know what they are doing recommend you check them out

Kay B  via Google
Picked my car up Friday and I'm very pleased with the repairs and the service. It did take a little longer then told when we dropped it off for repairs. But Thom called us two sometimes three times a week to keep me informed as to the part problems. I absolutely recommend this company to everyone. I'm going to put their card and flyer up at the church and the hall. Great job

Her Frank  via Google
I was told my car was done a day ago right im told I need to pick up my vehicle before the rental company starts to charge my dads card right. I call the shop and they tell me to come get my car right. I tell them no way cant get there before they close right. owner calls me back being a dick and all right tells me that rental company will change the card and that my dad is going to be pissed right so the owner tells me we going to call my dad and that's it right I call back and tell them that I cant get there until like 10 oclock . the owner tells me that's ok he will wait for me if he needs to. so i am in the parking lot right now in my car that looks party and it is cleaned to the owner ask me to make sure I tell everyone what great service and repairs he had done on my car. I called my dad first and told him that the owner waited for me and took pics of the car to send to him. they did a great job over 5000.00 in damage so the estimate reads. my dad told me to make sure to write this review and make sure I tell everyone at school. so there you go right.